Think & Link

Connect the blocks to solve unique and challenging puzzles. Unleash your creativity, create your masterpieces and share them with the community.


Build your own solution

A mix between puzzle / sandbox / automation. Multiple missions & gameplay based on the same mechanics of linking

In Game Editor

Build easily your own levels, and share them to the worlds. Or just play community created levels for infinite replayability

Connect to the world

Twitch integration or light control. You can connect the game to many things. Build you immersive puzzles to get out the screen.

Stay on the cutting edge

Master the Art of Link

Unlock your puzzle-solving skills in Linkito, where every move relies on your ability to connect blocks and uncover intricate mechanisms. With open-ended puzzles and a built-in level editor, unleash your creativity and share mind-bending challenges with players worldwide. Prepare for an immersive journey where every connection brings you closer to triumph!

Additionally, Linkito takes gaming to the next level by connecting to Twitch for interactive gameplay, integrating with smart bulbs to synchronize lighting effects, and even allowing you to control DIY electronic devices, expanding the game beyond the screen and into the realm of immersive, tangible experiences.

Link to the real world

Control light

Syncronize your lighing ambiance with the game

Build your own device

With Arduino or others serial based device, you can create immersive effect syncronized with the game

Immersive puzzle

Create your own immersive installation with the game, or you own escape game

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